Oh Crumpets!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While Maya and I were in Marks & Spencer during our fourth of July holiday, I came across a pack of crumpets. I had never eaten a crumpet before and since I keep on reading about it (and it's actually my favorite actor's expression), I got curious and brought home a pack. This afternoon when I realized that I needed to eat something (I tend to forget about eating on weekends), I thought about making a meal of it. But first I went to the Econ groceries store near our place and bought a pack of butter and a jar of strawberry jam, because the package mentioned needing those. I then toasted a couple of crumpets and put the electric kettle to boil. I knew that the British would usually have them with tea, but as I did not have any, I made do with my favorite Nescafe mocha. A few minutes later, I was savoring my first taste of this famous British treat. It tastes a bit like pancakes, I suppose, only spongier in texture. I think I quite like it, but maybe not as much as pancakes.

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