Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After our bartending class, Betchie, Yves and I met up with Arlyn, Ogie and Riyadh in Vivo City for dinner. We wanted to have al fresco dining, so we picked an Italian restaurant called Modesto's and asked for a table overlooking the sea on Harbourfront. I loved the view and the food! My favorite was the pizza. Soooo good! I was quite delighted with my favorite bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and parmesan cheese as well.

Garlic bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese

Cappuccino and peppermint tea

Quatro formaggi pizza

Steak with egg and asparagus

Spaghetti aglio olio


Oh Crumpets!

While Maya and I were in Marks & Spencer during our fourth of July holiday, I came across a pack of crumpets. I had never eaten a crumpet before and since I keep on reading about it (and it's actually my favorite actor's expression), I got curious and brought home a pack. This afternoon when I realized that I needed to eat something (I tend to forget about eating on weekends), I thought about making a meal of it. But first I went to the Econ groceries store near our place and bought a pack of butter and a jar of strawberry jam, because the package mentioned needing those. I then toasted a couple of crumpets and put the electric kettle to boil. I knew that the British would usually have them with tea, but as I did not have any, I made do with my favorite Nescafe mocha. A few minutes later, I was savoring my first taste of this famous British treat. It tastes a bit like pancakes, I suppose, only spongier in texture. I think I quite like it, but maybe not as much as pancakes.

Mr Bean's Silky Soya Pudding

I discovered this tonight. It tastes good, very similar to the 51 Soya bean curd that originally got me hooked on soya.

I Love Bean Curd

Back in the Philippines, there is this thing called taho that most people love, but which I hate. I couldn't stand the taste of soya. Up until last Saturday, anyway.

I had met up with Gelle and Joey so they could hand me their treats from Japan. When I got to Nando's where we were having dinner, Gelle excitedly announced that she had brought me something on top of the Japan treats - a cup of the best soya bean curd she had ever tasted. I smiled politely as I didn't have the heart to tell her that I couldn't stand soya. After I polished off my meal of rice, corn, and peri-peri chicken (incidentally my first meal of the day even though it was already 7pm; I get too lazy to eat on weekends), I opened the cup of soya bean curd so I could politely eat it and pretend to like it - or that was my plan anyway. What I didn't expect was that I'd actually love it. I liked it so much that I joined Gelle in going to their basement shop in Tampines mall to buy more. They also have it in mango and strawberry flavors, which I have also tasted, but I prefer the original flavor. I don't know why, but I am a sucker for food with a pudding-like texture, like leche flan or gelatin and the latest is this bean curd.

On Thursday night I happened to get off work early, so Nantoy and I headed to Tampines for a quick dinner. He wanted Chippy's curry chicken, and I said I wanted soya bean curd. I bought three.

The next day, my teammate asked us if we wanted to order desserts from Dessert Hut and out of all the things on the menu that I could order, I chose the egg bean curd. When I told Nantoy about this, he told me: "That's because B-ean C-urd. B-enedict C-umberbatch. You love BC." Excellent deduction, Sherlock. I did not see that at all. There is a pattern in my addictions. Help?

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My favorite pasta is spaghetti aglio olio. Its sauce consists entirely of minced or pressed garlic lightly sauteed in olive oil, plus hot pepper flakes.

I also love anything oil-based, like Green Tomato's anchovies in oil. My next preference is tomato-based pasta dishes but I grew up in the Philippines so I kind of like them sweetened. I don't like cream-based pasta at all, except if it's doused with so much mushroom flavor that it overpowers the cream.

Yogurt Place

Yogurt Place's greek yogurt is really delicious - just the right combination of creamy and tartness.
However, their frozen yogurt, which they call "yogurt gelato" and which comes in 2 flavors, lychee or mango, is disappointing. The ice did not have the soft creamy consistency of gelato at all. It can't hold a candle to Red Mango, for sure. I'd stick to their plain yogurt.

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

I once described someone as thus: "he's like a chocolate-covered marshmallow - dark and hard on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside." And isn't that how chocolate-covered marshmallows are?

I've always loved chocolate-covered marshmallows but I think Lumont is the best I've tried so far.

Milo Dinosaur vs Godzilla

Sunday, December 20, 2009

There is such a thing as Milo Dinosaur. It's iced Milo with a scoop or Milo powder on top. Can be bought from most hawker stalls and food shops in Singapore. The best I've tried is McDonald's Milo dinosaur shake, but it was a seasonal thing so I can't get it now even if I want to. Hmp.

Then there is also the Milo Godzilla. Iced Milo with a scoop or vanilla ice cream and Milo powder on top. Can be bought at Spize: the Makan Place.

Is there really a contest? Obviously you know who is the winner.

Hokkien Mee for Me

My first favorite Singaporean food was the prawn Hokkien Mee. It tastes a bit like the Philippine palabok only less fishy and not yellow. Perhaps the reason why it's so popular with Filipinos based in Singapore. The best one I've tried so far is from Vivo City's Food Republic.

Chowking is a King Indeed

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl. the most popular ones are from Razon and Chowking. I prefer the latter. The slices of leche flan and real ube are my favorite parts.

My other favorites from Chowking are chao fan, tofu (love the sauce) and siomai with toyomansi and chili oil. They actually have siew mai here in Singapore but no toyomansi. Where is the fun in that?

Fresh or No Dalandan at All

Dalandan is the Philippine native orange, and its juice is slightly sweeter than your usual orange. You can squeeze it to make dalandan juice or shake. It's my favorite drink of all time, but I want it fresh, not the ones that are made from concentrates. I like Dencio's version. My former housemate Reggie also makes them so good that the first time I tasted his creation, I asked, "Reggie, will you marry me?"

House of Sylvanas

I miss the sweet cold chewy sylvanas from House of Sylvanas. I used to swing by their branch in Glorietta 4 and buy a couple of pieces (at Php19 each) right before heading up to the movie theatre. There were many other flavors inside their freezer, but I always just chose the original one.